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Wedding FAQ

General information about hosting your wedding at Revolution Mill Events Center may be found in our Wedding Guide. If you have additional questions, please ask!

May I tour the venue for my upcoming wedding?
We would love to show you our beautiful venue. Please contact us to set up a time to view the space during a private tour or open house. We are open for tours and meetings by appointment only. Please note our office is typically closed on Sunday and Wednesday. Saturday visits are limited due to our active event schedule, but occasionally available.

May I visit while another wedding is taking place?
We will be giving personal attention to the current wedding taking place and unfortunately not able to meet with you at that time. Please ask about an alternative meeting time so we may give you our undivided attention and focus on your wedding details!

How soon do I need to book?
We encourage you to book early since popular seasons like Spring and Fall usually book up a year or more in advance. If you are flexible on your date, we can often times find something that works for you with less notice.

What dates are still available?
Please contact us to check availability. 

How do I book a date?
We know that there are many plans to be made and details to discuss, and understand that it can all be very overwhelming.  Don’t worry, we are here to walk you through the process! The first step to booking is to create a custom proposal containing all your event requirements. From there, 50% of the total fee and a signed contract are required to confirm a date.

What is the proposal process?
Our first step is to discuss your vision and consider all of your event requirements. From there, let us build a customized proposal for you to incorporate all the details needed for a successful event. Our detailed proposal will reflect the estimate of venue rental, food, beverage, rentals, security, wait staff, service charge and sales tax to give you a starting point of overall costs.

What catering is available?
Pepper Moon Catering is delighted to be the exclusive caterer at Revolution Mill Events Center. Our full service facility offers complete food and beverage service for your convenience. The menus listed on the site are some of the most popular, however our culinary team will gladly create custom menus to accommodate your wishes. We are pleased to provide our 20 years of experience, outstanding service and delectable cuisine to you and your guests. Your planning process is simplified since you will make all venue and catering arrangements with the venue manager.  Outside catering or personal food is not permitted, with the exception of wedding cake/dessert.

Am I allowed to use my own bartenders or bring my own alcohol?
All beverage service and staffing is exclusively provided by Pepper Moon Catering. We offer several bar tiers and options to cater to different needs of our clients. We offer a hand-selected assortment of local and popular beverages.

Are there any restrictions to the vendors I can use?
All food (with the exception of dessert), beverage and equipment rentals must be secured through Revolution Mill Events Center/Pepper Moon Catering. Contracted vendors are welcome to provide other goods and services appropriate to the permitted use of the facility. We are happy to provide a list of preferred vendors upon request.

Can I provide my own flowers?
You are more than welcome to be your own florist, however the building cannot be used for flower assembly. Your creations must be nearly complete prior to delivery.

Do I need to hire an event planner or coordinator?
The Revolution Mill Events Center manager is responsible for coordinating the details of your wedding day as it relates to venue setup and catering. We suggest securing a professional Wedding Coordinator to assist with the many facets of planning your event and day-of logistics.

An Event Manager will be on site during your event to answer any venue-related questions, provide general assistance and oversee the building and staff. Our staff is not available to cue the ceremony or execute day-of logistics. We require a day-of contact who is responsible for directing event setup, coordination, guest management and cleanup.

Am I responsible for clean up?
Revolution Mill Events Center will clean the space before and after your event including: table/chair breakdown, sweeping, mopping and detailing the restrooms. You are responsible to clean up and remove all decorations and signage from the interior and exterior of the space by the end of the venue rental or a disposal fee will apply.

When can my vendors and guests be present onsite?
Vendors may arrive at the beginning of your venue rental time.

What is a typical wedding timeline?
We generally allot 2 hours for catering and vendor setup prior to guest arrival and 1 hour for breakdown within your rental period. Here is an example based on a 5 pm on-site ceremony:

2:30 pm Venue Rental Starts/Setup Begins
4:30 pm Guest Arrival
5 pm Ceremony
5:30 pm Cocktail Hour
6:30 pm Introductions, First Dance
6:45 pm Dinner
Cake cutting, toast, dancing, etc
9:00 pm Bar Closes
9:30 pm Event Ends – Grand Exit/Breakdown Begins
10:30 pm Venue Rental Ends

How late can my event go?
We only have one wedding per day, so you may choose the time frame that best suits your needs. Events need to end no later than 12 am with the last hour of rental being until 1 am for breakdown.

What time should I have my ceremony?
That is up to you! But most of the time, we see a ceremony start time between 4-6 pm on a Saturday.

Should I have a cocktail hour?
The majority of weddings do have a cocktail hour. Often times, you will have a few final photos with your photographer immediately following your ceremony. Having hors d’oeuvres and beverages for your guests, along with some entertainment, will often help to keep them entertained while you and the family are finishing up those last photos.

How long should I have my cocktail hour?
We suggest a cocktail hour last no longer than an hour. Forty-five minutes seems to be a good amount of time. At that point guests can be seated as you prepare for your grand introductions and first dance. To help keep your guests happy and keep the cocktail hour brief, we encourage you to take the majority of your photos prior to the ceremony. This also helps you to be more relaxed during that time, which makes for better photos.

Do you offer custom menus?
Yes! We have put together some sample menus to get you started, though we really love to custom-design each menu to fit exactly what you desire!  Ask our venue manager about what the Culinary Team of Pepper Moon can create especially for you.

Do you offer kids meals?
We offer a discounted rate on meals or custom children’s menus for kids 8 and under.

Do you offer vendor meals?
It is customary for you to provide a meal for your on-site vendors. We offer discounted rates for the vendors working your wedding at half of your meal price (with a minimum of $10.95).

Do you offer vegetarian, gluten free and other allergen meals?
We provide a variety of food options and are happy to try to accommodate those with dietary concerns and preferences. We are careful to prepare gluten free items in their own designated dishes. However, we cannot guarantee that they have not been contaminated with some flour essence for those who are very sensitive. Please inform us about allergies in advance so we can fully discuss the options and limitations we offer.

What about linens?
We offer an ample basic linen package with the venue rental and can coordinate additional upgraded rentals. There are countless choices of colors, patterns and styles that you may select to reflect your personal style. We are happy to provide you estimates of their cost.

Is there a charge for china?
Yes, basic China/Silverware/Glassware is available at $.60 per piece. Clear Plasticware may be provided at $1.50 per guest. Heavy Black Plasticware may be provided for all events at no extra charge.

What is service charge?
Service charge is an industry standard fee that typically runs 15-22% (ours is 18%). Our service charge is not a tip for staff. It essentially covers of all the work done prior to the staff setting foot on-site (i.e. preparation of food, loading vans for the event and travel time) and all the work done after we leave the site (i.e. unloading vans and washing dishes/linens). It also covers the venue manager’s time to work on the proposal and service your event. It is assessed on food, beverage and rentals.

What about catering staff? Is gratuity extra?
Pepper Moon Catering does charge for labor at an hourly rate. This cost will be determined based upon the style of service, menu and guest count.  The service charge on your event is not staff gratuity.  If you feel you received good service and would like to leave a gratuity for your staff, it is at your discretion and always appreciated.

Where can my guests stay?
We can provide you with a list of nearby hotels. Several will offer transportation (check with them for rates and terms of use).  Private shuttle or bus service may also be hired.

We are expecting to invite several children, is that okay?
Children are always a treat, however our venue does include some natural hazards to little ones. Guests with children should be notified in advance that they will need to provide constant supervision. We recommend hiring a babysitter to provide that supervision so the parents can relax during the reception! One of the changing rooms could be used as a playroom.

Does the building have heat and A/C?
Revolution Mill Events Center has central heat and air conditioning throughout the building.

Is the building wheelchair accessible?

Are you pet friendly?
We understand that your four legged friends are part of your family! Well-behaved pets on leash are permitted in the space during the ceremony with prior approval (please clean up after them). We kindly request for the pet to be escorted home following the ceremony.

I booked my wedding at the Rev Mill, the best wedding venue in Greensboro – now what?
From here on out we will exchange emails, calls and meet together to discuss logistics and finalize all of the details including your timeline, menu, room layout and rentals. During this time, many decisions will be discussed and changes will occur. We will keep you up to date with revised quotes so you know where your costs are allocated. You are in for a wonderful day of celebration for you and your guests to relax and enjoy!

Deadline reminders:

  • Please schedule a walk through appointment with the Venue Manager about 3 months prior to event date to work on room layout and event details (menu/rentals).
  • Everything (with the exception of final head count) should be firmed up by 1 month prior.
  • Final guest count is due 7 days prior.